Knife blocks, sharpening stones, cutting boards and more...

We are asked all the time about knife blocks, sharpeners, cutting boards and other kitchen items that go well with our Sabatier knives. So we've put together a list of some products that we recommend and personally use in our kitchen.  

This acacia wood magnetic countertop knife block  is great for knives up to 8 inches, uses strong magnets and can hold knives on two sides. 

magnetic knife block


For knife drawers, we like this simple rubber knife drawer organizer  because it is very easy on the knife blades.  But the bamboo knife drawer organizer works well too. 

drawer knife holder

This knife block is very solid and will hold our 10 inch knives. We like the larger slots so you don't have to worry about fitting the knife in a particular place. 


knife block bamboo

For a more flexible choice, we recommend this beautiful acacia wood knife holder. Instead of pre-sized slots, it has internal bristles to hold knives in place and is very sturdy. 

knife holder bristles

A quality wood cutting board is must have for any kitchen. We love this one for the rich teak wood patterning, the grooves for catching juices and the indentation for easy lifting. Teak wood resists staining and therefore increasing longevity. 

teak wood cutting board

Plastic cutting boards are a necessity in the kitchen and recommended for working with meat and fish so they can be put in the dishwasher. The one that we recommend has handles and not-slip feet. A well-stocked kitchen has a variety of sizes. 

plastic cutting board OXO

For knife sharpening, we say the best knife sharpener is the one that you will actually use.  You can mail or drop off knives at a professional sharpener and for about $1/inch received beautifully sharpened knives. But some cooks still prefer to do their sharpening themselves. 

We are using these sharpening stones which have a non-skid base and all the grit levels you need. 

knife sharpening stone whetstone

You could also use a Tumbler rolling knife sharpener which is easy to use and a great new innovation. 

tumbler rolling knife sharpener

A lot of people prefer a ceramic honing rod for maintaining an edge after sharpening. The one we recommend has an easy to grip handle and two grit sizes. 

ceramic honing rod knife sharpener

Carbon steel knives benefit from applying a thin layer of mineral oil after every use and this natural mineral oil is also good for maintaining cutting boards. 

natural mineral oil food grade

Wearing an apron while cooking is both practical and a style statement. We love this professional cooking apron because of the high quality denim fabric, metal gromets and pocket for cell phone. There's even a loop for keeping headphone wires out of the way. There are many different colors and fabrics to choose from too. 

denim kitchen apron

Peeling an orange with a knife is not ideal, so for that task we recommend the Alessi Apostrophe Orange Peeler.  This well designed product made in Italy is a interesting innovation for the kitchen.

alessi apostrophe orange peeler


We love our Le Creuset enameled dutch oven. It is one of the most practical and beautiful pots in our kitchen. It can be used on the stovetop for soups or a quick chicken stock or go right in the oven for baking bread. We love this new artichoke color, but there is a color to fit every kitchen. 



le creuset dutch oven artichoke artichaut


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