Carbon vs Steel


Nearly all knives sold in stores today are stainless steel. 

We carry stainless steel knives with a higher amount of carbon, intended to incorporate the better attributes of both carbon steel and stainless steel.

Our high carbon Stainless Steel **** ELEPHANT SABATIER knives are made from Stainless 4116 norm Americain AISSY, a product superior to the Z40C13 used in most kitchen knives. A higher percentage of carbon and chrome; the addition of vanadium (0.9%) and molybedenum (0.3%); hardening at 1050/1060 degrees centigrade; and, tempering at 310 degrees centigrade make this steel more resistant to corrosion, deformation and wear.

Buy stainless steel knives because the blade is easy to maintain and resists tarnishing.  It is the most popular choice in the home kitchen.


We carry knives with Carbon Steel (Carbon C60 or "Full Carbon") blades for knife enthusiast who are seeking an even sharper cut and are meticulous about caring for their knives.  These knives are slightly thinner and lighter and can be honed more finely for precise cutting.  

Carbon Steel knives require special care.  Hand wash with mild dish soap and dry fully immediately after each use, especially after cutting acidic foods such as lemons or apples. To repel moisture, apply a light coating of mineral oil on the blade before storing.  These knives will darken or rust quickly if left on the counter without cleaning and drying immediately.  See Knife Care for more detailed information on caring for carbon steel knives.

Like a vintage knife, over time a carbon steel blade will eventually develop a patina. 

Buy carbon steel knives if you are meticulous about caring for knives, want to have the sharpest possible edge and you don't mind the blade tarnishing over time.