Edgekeeper Knife Set Issues

We often get emails from people who have broken or defective Sabatier knives or scissors and are seeking replacements. Most of the time it is the Edgekeeper set with a Griffon logo on the blade.   

Several manufacturers in France make knives under the name Sabatier and they come with different marks such as K Sabatier and Lion.  Sadly, one of these manufacturers has licensed their brand to be made in China and the results have been disastrous. 

In the United States, you can find these knives at big stores like Costco and Bed Bath and Beyond and in Canada they are often sold at Canadian Tire.  They have a Griffon Logo and sometimes EST 1810 as you can see pictured here.   

sabatier 15 piece edgekeeper set

This 15 piece Sabatier Edgekeeper Set made by Lifetime Brands is the source of most of the complaints.  It comes with several handle colors, including a full metal version that might be the worst offender because of the amount of poor quality steel.  Using cheap steel and plastic, they crack, bend, chip, rust and sometimes break in half. 

Scissors and individual replacement knives with a sheath that "self sharpens" the knife are also sold.  However, we recommend that all sharpening by done by by a professional sharpener or by hand using sharpening stones and maintained with a honing rod.  

People who have bought these knives or received them as gifts frequently ask us what they should do.  If possible under the store’s policy, the best option is to return them for a refund or store credit as soon as possible.  

The other option is to contact the manufacturer Lifetime Brands and request a warranty replacement. However, even with a "manufacturer warranty", in our opinion they are not worth the cost and effort to mail them to the manufacturer and get back an equally poor quality knife in return.   

At Sabatier Knife Shop, we sell only authentic Sabatier knives made in France by Thiers-Issard with the four star  ****Elephant logo.  Since their founding in 1852, Thiers-Issard has never outsourced their manufacturing and as a Living Heritage Company or “Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant” they source all their materials in France, with the exception of certain woods that are not available domestically. This special recognition is only awarded to French companies that manufacture with traditional craftsmanship and expertise.  

Our knives are guaranteed to be authentic and made in France and they come with a manufacturer guarantee for defects.  We can facilitate the exchange or repair for any knife that was purchased from us at Sabatier Knife Shop or Greatfrenchknives.com.    

Here at Sabatier Knife Shop we stand by our products and support the quality craftsmanship of generations of Sabatier knife manufacturers in France. 

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