Great French Knives is now Sabatier Knife Shop

Welcome to Sabatier Knife Shop!  

Formerly Great French Knives, we launched Sabatier Knife Shop to better feature our Sabatier knives using Shopify.  At the same time, we have expanded our offerings to include carbon steel knives with olive wood, red and green stamina handles and stainless steel knives with olive wood handles.  

Louise Hasson, the owner of Bon Vivant School of Cooking in Seattle, introduced her students to these quality, handcrafted Sabatier 4 **** Elephant knives from France and featured them in her classes for over 30 years.  

Today her son, Adam Hasson, continues the family tradition of importing these fine knives from France.  Inspired by a recent visit to the Thiers-Issard factory, he has expanded the selection of available knives. 

For more information about carbon steel knives and our visit to the factory, please see our other blogs below. 

And if there are other Sabatier products by Thiers-Issard you would like to see available on our website, please let us know!